sábado, 18 de julho de 2015

Hi K-pop Fans and Haters

  Not too long ago, I started to become interested in K-pop music. Their dancing and beat made me become addicted to it.I've been searching for lots of k-pop mvs and most of them i actually watched a lot more than once LOL

  I guess that now K-pop is becoming VIRAL!
  For you that don't know, K-pop is basically Korean pop music, and as I've been understanding, they've training of singing, dancig, etc. since little so they can become Stars. Although I still don't know mutch about the way their training is, I'm actually curious about it.
  So, I still don't know a Lot of k-pop bands but I'll post some of the bands I like the most!

200% (akdong musicians) - I ; I love you ; Give Love
Hi Suhyun
Lee Hi - It's over
Girls Generation - Catch me if you can ; I got a boy
Red Velvet - Hapiness ; Ice Cream Cake
Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yeh ; Ahh Oop!
Aoa - Heart Attack ; Moya

Exo - Overdose ; Call me Baby ; Growl
Bts - Dope (my favorite!) ; Danger ; Boy in Luv ; N.O.
Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang

Any Oher Groups?

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