quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015

One's Secret E2

Episode Two 
Family affairs

   I slide to the hall and let my feet take me to the kitchen. My mother watches me enter with something that looks like an hidden smile in her face that I spot from the corner of my eye, and then changes her attention back to the bowl of tea she was making. I sat on the table next to my father with my plate of pancakes.
- It's great Beatrice. It's really good! - I said tasting the delicious flavor that the combination of hot pankakes and the cold caramel gave me.
- Thank you mam. - Said Beatrice, keeping her eyes down nodding.
   My smile faded when I hearded that word, "mam". Concentrating again on the food, I heard my father whisper his reading and I knew he was about to talk. I got tense, but if I just kept my mouth shut and my eyes on the food maybe he won't realize I'm there.
- This is incredible! I'm the only person who actually dressed right in that bloody party, and the only thing they say about me is "Mr. and Mrs. Henderson were the couple of the night. Starting with the luxury from Mrs. Henderson's red dress that exuded charm and wealth. Mr. Hnderson were a black fashionable smoking which contrasted with the beautiful Christina Henderson garment."
He gasped and a wrinkle appeared between his eyebrows.
- One struggles to be distinguished and, even if succeeded, it's not even mentioned. In this days we need to be very careful Christina. If we're not constantly mentioned, our names won't stand out and we'll be forgotten. And we certainly can not afford that.
   I stop myself from rolling my eyes and take another bite of pancake in order to avoid another temptation. At the corner of my eyes I see my mother slightly pressuring her cup of tea and make a forced smile.
- Then I guess that's good for us that my name was actually mencioned in a very positive way, don't you think honey? - I stoped a laugh and then I felt my face red. My father was staring at me with an harsh expression but he quickly ignored me and stared at Christina with the same forced smile it was drawn on her face.
- Of course Christina, but don't you think they just... should give the spot light to someone more... Important?
- You mean You?
- Yes. I mean me of course. I'm the founder of Hendersone Experiences Industry, and they just mencion my presence.
- Well, it sure is outrageous. At least they mencion how "fashionable" was your suit.
She din't even looked at him. just turn around and walked away. For what I could see, she had a tense although derteminate look.
   I got up and washed my dishes. When I was about to leave the room, my father asserted.
- Don't ever again do Beatrice's work. (He looked calm and assertive, and his expression was concentrated).
- Wa...
- You made your bed and did the dishes. You continue to disobey my orders. Won't happen again.
I felt a shiver and my body got tense. Shouldn't I be the one who's supposed to apologize and say "Won't happen again"? I just imitated my mom, turned around and walked away.


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