sábado, 18 de julho de 2015


   Well.. The boring part is here. If you don't care about feelings and stuf, just skip this! I must say, was needed some courage for me to be able to write this.. I mean, most of you probably won't even read this or woul just ignore it, but either way, this is not for you. This is my way to say what I need to say to my self without seem crazy. This way, I really can face my self.
   Moving On...

   Recently I rewatched the two first films from Divergent Trilogy (Divergent and Insurgent), and that kinda made me think about my place in my own life ( I know that this doesn't make mutch sense..). I mean... In their "world", they're organized by factions: Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Erudite and Dauntless. Each person as specific characteristics according to the faction they belong in: Selfless (Abnegation); Fearless (Dauntless); Honest (Candor); Peacefull (Amity) and Intelligent (Erudite). Although, there's Divergents that belong to more than one faction.
   To me, Divergents are just the regular people of today, having more than one of this traits in their personality. In this course of thoughts, I started to think about my personality and the way I present it to people... And felt so mixed up... because I feel Brave and Kind, but then i see myself actig with cowardice and malice, even in a soft way. Then I see my self acting with inteligence and honesty, but my sudden fear makes me lie and i just shut down... What I mean, is that sometimes, I feel the need to label my personality traits in order to undersand why do I act a certain way. Either way, sometimes, with all this contradictions about the way I am or think I am, I don't Believe MySelf. I actually don't believe I am Something. I believe I'm just to mutch of Nothing.

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