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One's Secret E5

Episode five

The Secret of the One

   "I needed to do something... I just can't risk with her losing her friend... She will need someone..."
This heals hurt my feet, but I need to keep an elegant walk. Just keep your head up.
-So Aria! - I smiled creating a diversion for my pain. - What do we own the pleasure for your visit?
-You know Mrs. Henderson, I actually wasn't supposed to be here..
   Her expression was serious and she looked at her feet like she was counting the steps. Perhaps Luna did something... She have always been a lonely person, and her relations with others showed to be seriously hard to keep. She continued.
-I was supposed to go out with your daughter but she didn't came so I called her and since she didn't answer I came here. Although I highly regret it.
-Well dear... Don't mind some things she says. I know she's a hard person, she closes her self to others, but I'm really glad you're her friend.
   I stop moving and she imitates me. When I face her putting my self in front of her, she looks me in the eyes. They're plane, with a common brown color. But they're big obligating you go stare them, searching for emotions.
-Look Aria. I'm going to ask this has a mother. Please don't give up this friendship. I know she seems in some how strong and confident with her sarcasm but even if she doesn't know or admit to her self, she needs a friend. She needs you.
   Her eyes are wide open as mine are, like if what I said contradicted what she was feeling, and I knew it.
-Anyway... - I lift my hand of her shoulder and stand straight breathing in. - Let's eat something, shall we? - She follows my smile and the tension before marked in her face disappears.
   We eat in silent, but I can see she's thinking in my words. Once in a while she makes a light smile that I return. This gives me some time to think to.
   I should have a glass of wine right now. I should be looking at the sky, or hearing the rain. Thinking about my daughter... my husband... Husband. I stop a cruel laugh in my throat. He redefined that word a long time ago. Has he changed, so did we. His concern with the media, with his social life, with him self... "I just can't concern about everything, dear!"... because I became a concern to him. I became a distraction. They said that while he didn't cheated on my, I was the happiest woman on hearth. And I didn't know what they meant about happiness. I don't recognize that word. So I transformed him in a necessity to protect my secret. Because changing names and country isn't always enough. And I needed him. And he needed me.
   He was also a distraction. Not to me, because I ignore him, but to her. I need to protect my daughter. I need to control her worries.
      I need to protect her dreams.

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